AKP 8M - alkalized cocoa powder

Quality characteristics

Sensory evaluation

Loose powder, dark brown, pleasant cocoa, without foreign ingredients.

Physical-chemical characteristics

Fat content

10 – 12%

pH value

7,8 – 8,4


max. 5 %

Fineness through 75 microns

99,5 %± 0,3%

Microbiological characteristics

Total plate count

max. 5.000 cfu/g

Yeasts and moulds

max. 100 cfu/g


max. 10 cfu/g


negativ /25 g

Esherichia coli

negativ / g


Paper/PE 25 kg bags, wrapped with foil/europallets. The product is duly declared with: product name, producer name, net weight, date of production, shelf life and lot number.


Shelf life: 24 months.


The product is produced from non-GMO materials.

Pakovanje kakao praha - Cocoa powder packaging

Transport package

On euro pallets.

Storage conditions

Storage must be cool, dry and free from odours.

Transport conditions

Covered, closed means of transport, orderly and free of foreign odours.