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Candy Subotica - proizvodnja kakao praha - production of cocoa powder

Conquer your customers with “Candy Subotica” cocoa powder


In 1995. we established “Candy Subotica” with the idea to give our contribution in the distribution of the finest cocoa powder in Serbia and in the region. In that time, we were a small specialized company with only 5 employees. 



The beginning of our own production

In order to accommodate completely to all the requires of our customers, only after 2 years we started our own production, and after 2005. we installed a new modernized line, which with its performances, even today is among the most modern in the production of cocoa powder.

Candy Subotica - cocoa production - kakao prah
Srbija - proizvodnja najfinijeg kakao praha - best cocoa powder

The beginning of the production of the alkalized cocoa powder

In 2011. we installed technology for the production of alkalized cocoa powder and since then we are able to produce different kinds of cocoa powder for different products and industries. The whole process of production guarantees the safety and the same quality of our products. 

Candy Subotica - laboratorija za ispitivanje kvaliteta kako praha - laboratory for cocoa powder quality testing

Customers in the first place

We take care of our flexibility in order to meet your specific demands and enable you the complete service.

Candy Subotica has ISO 22000:2005 certificate
Candy Subotica has HACCP certificate
Candy Subotica has Kosher certificate

Permanent advance of quality

Our mission is to follow and invest in the newest technology and it will make your products irresistible because of the taste of our cocoa powder. The application of the system of quality control and the integration of the principle of the food safety management system (ISO 22000:2005) are prerequisite of the fulfillment of our business politics.

Candy - proizvodnja kako praha

5 reasons to cooperate with us

1. Pleasure of the customer in the first place

For us, you customers, are the most important. For that reason we strive to accommodate the way of delivery to your specific demands. 


2. The rapidity of the delivery

The delivery of the cocoa powder is in the shortest possible time which enables the continuity of your production.


3. The high quality of our products

Our cocoa powder is of the best quality made in order with ISO 22000:2005 standards. Our modern equipped laboratory regularly controls every part of the process so you will be sure in the quality of this ingredient of your products.


4. Confidence, safety and trust

We are your confident partner you can always lean on, and we are always here for you and your specific needs. 


5. Cooperation

We are always ready to listen to your ideas and to cooperate in their realization, because your vision and its fulfillment are important for us.